Invisible Bookshelf That Will Not Damage Your Books!

Introduction: Invisible Bookshelf That Will Not Damage Your Books!

Quick, easy, and cheap solution for those books scattered everywhere! This shelf is best for decoration more than use, yet it can be enforced with thin cardboard and tape. In total this cost me about $5-6, minus the books.

Step 1: Materials:

Corner braces. Mine are 4 in.
Hardcover books
A screwdriver
Not pictured: pencil
Optional: thin cardboard (cereal box)

Step 2: Preparation:

Open book to back cover and mark middle.
Draw a vertical line about 1-2 inches long from edge toward the center.
Repeat for each book

Step 3: Placement:

Place a straight edge along adjacent wall, or something of that sort.
Place brace where you would like it to be.
Mark where the holes are for screws.
Lightly drill holes where they are. (I just used my screw driver).

Step 4: Putting It All Together:

Screw brace into wall.
Place tape alone edge, sticky side pointing down.
Tip: get some large pieces ready for next part
Open book with bottom cover out.
Place cover under the brace, align the line as best as you can with the middle (through the screw holes)
Gently press onto tape
Secure with larger/longer pieces of tape. Place rest of book on top of brace

Step 5: To Enforce:

Cut a hourglass type figure out of thing cardboard
It doesn't have to be perfect.
Tape one side underneath the brace.
Fold over and tape edges shut. (I only taped the corners closest to wall)
Outline edges with tape, sticky side facing down.
Place book under.
Add a few enforcing strips of tape.
Shut the book.

Step 6: Complete!

The shelf is a bit unsteady, center books as best as possible, and only use enough to hide the metal. For more daily usage (or to hold more books), strengthen with tape and thin cardboard. Place trinkets pr stuffed animals on top of books for an added touch. Enjoy your new shelf!

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    2 years ago

    How is this not featured, this is ingenious.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Could always use two brackets and throw a rubber band around the book. Wont damage them at all thought you could see the band I'm sure, but hiding it cant be too hard. Maybe with a book mark between books for decoration (the ones with tassels on them perhaps?). Anyway good idea :]


    9 years ago

    If you use 2 L brackets and use a hot glue gun to stick the cover of bottom book to the L brackets instead of tape. It will be more durable and handle more weight