Introduction: Invisible Man Illusion Costume

About: My motivation for anything in life is my son. I am always making, crafting, and learning new skills along side him. I want to show him that I can do anything I put my mind to, and so can he.

This was fun for both of us. I enjoy making and he enjoys being the center of attention and making people smile. I will keep doing these homemade costumes until he won't allow me anymore. He took 2 1st places and a 2nd place.

Step 1: Things You Will Need:

Disposable trench coat with 2 layers (will be cutting)

2nd skin mask or see through fabric matching the lining of the trench coat

2 pairs of pants

suspenders and bow tie

plastic bags or paper

metal coat hangers

long gloves

casting tape

sun glasses



super glue

mannequin head (plastic or foam would work)

Step 2: Casting Tape Head

I covered a mannequin head with plastic wrap and used it as a mold for the casting tape. You'll want to make sure it is clearly empty. If you cover too much you can always cut it down later.

Cover the mannequin with plastic wrap

Follow directions on the casting tape, wrap head but don't cover too much.

Let dry and cut up the back of the head to remove. Only cut what you need to remove the mannequin.

Use super glue or epoxy to glue the cuts back together, let dry

Use epoxy or hot glue gun to attach coat hanger to inside bottom back of head for stability

Set aside for last step

Step 3: Trench Coat

Cut the bottom of the trench coat to gain access to the area between the outside and the liner. This is where the wearer will hide.

In that same area, stuff the shoulders with paper to create the shape and a good nesting area for the top of the wearer's head.

After you have everything placed and shaped how you want it, just under the wearer's armpits, cut slits through both the liner and the shell of the coat, big enough for an arm (plus long sleeves if its cold) to fit through. Line up the sleeves to those holes and cut through those also. Tip: Be careful not to go too high or else when the wearer relaxes their arms it will pull down on the whole thing creating strain on the neck.

Cut a hole in the liner to allow the wearer to see. Use a black see through mask, like the 2nd skin masks, to camouflage the wearers face.

Step 4: Pants, Suspenders and Bow Tie, Gloves

You'll need two pairs of the same color pants. Metal coat hangers seemed the most economical option for these steps.

1st pair of pants: Cut a small hole in the inside waistband of 1 pair of pants. Cut and thread a coat hanger through to create the round shape. Cut holes in the back of the knees big enough to allow the wearer to put their legs + 2nd pair of pants through.

2nd pair of pants: The wearer puts them on. No alterations needed

Bow tie: Use a coat hanger to thread through the bow tie to create the round shape. Pin in place to the trench coat. (Easier to place if the wearer is in the costume)

Suspenders: pin in place near the shoulders and attach to pants. I then pinned the trench coat towards the front of the pants to give the costume a bit of depth. For mine, the suspender clips were enough to hold up the pants on their own.

Long gloves will help keep the illusion and not show skin. We ended up using long gloves I had covered with another layer of black winter gloves because it gets cold here. I though about wrapping his hands and arms but it seemed like it might cause trouble while trick or treating. Plus not very warm.

Step 5: Attaching the Head

For the head, I cut a small hole for the coat hanger to slide into the liner for stability, then used safety pins to attach the head to the collar of the trench coat.

Curve the end of the coat hanger around some of the paper stuffing. Make sure it won't stab the wearer.

Step 6: Bringing It All Together

How to put it all on

I held the top half of the costume while he dealt with the bottom.

Have the wearer put on the corresponding pants and sit to put their feet through the back of the knees of the 1st pair of pants.

Put on gloves, mask and shoes

Stand and duck into the coat behind the liner

Get head situated

Arms go through the arm holes

Might have to help with the pant legs to make sure there is enough slack in the 1st pair of pants to not pull down on the suspenders

I just set the hat on top and it stayed. We skipped the sunglasses because I felt it covered too much and we'd have to glue them on to make them stay.

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