Introduction: Iontophoresis Machine for Hyperhydrosis

For those looking for compact inexpensive DIY Iontophoresis machine to treat Hyperhidrosis. Estimated 3 percent of population has this condition which is excessive sweating. This device is used for excessive sweating of hands and feet. This simple device uses (3) 9 volt batteries wired in series and stored in glasses case. Cannot adjust voltage like expensive machines you purchase. Other than that, same principle. Some of the new machines you can buy also pulse to reduce the sometimes uncomfortable feeling from DC current. Great video on how to use similar device on You Tube Video

- (3) 9 volt batteries wired in series for a total of 27 volts. Your body typically will allow around 20 to 30 milliamps of DC current just depending on body type. Females will normally allow more current than men. The 9 volt batteries store around 400 milliamp hours. So they can last close to 20 sessions at around 20 minutes a side. Just depends on batteries so replace when they feel weak. You can get connections for 9 volt batteries at any Radio Shack or electronics store.

- Take a look at diagram to view how to connect in series. Simply just positive to negative and then use wire nuts or electrical tape. You can verify voltage with meter. There you have it, now just plug connectors to batteries and use wires with alligator clips, one to the positive of the 1st battery and negative of the 3rd battery and follow instructions above with water and pie pans (see diagram). Wiring in series increases the voltage. If 3 batteries are to much, you can wire 2 batteries in series for 18 volts. Be careful not to let positive and negative alligator clip ends or pans touch or a short will occur, damage batteries and possibly start a fire. Always disconnect alligator clips from battery when not in use.

- Dermatologists normally treat this condition and there are many sites to review and other treatments. Talk to them if you can. A commercially made device may be better for you. Probably should not use if you have a pace maker or pregnant. Build and use at your own risk. Typically treat hands or feet for 10 to 20 minutes and reverse black red alligator clip connections and treat 10 or 20 minutes more just like other machines you buy. FYI, Do not travel with batteries connected. If they short, you could cause a fire.