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 I love this Instruct able sight !, from the day I come across this sight
I am a regular reader. Every day I see this sight
and Because of me all my family members have become Fan of this sight !

We have a Synthesizer in my house with a beautiful height adjustable stand
We were looking for Ironing Table which is fold-able.
One day I said why not use this stand for Ironing the clothes !

1) I Removed Synthesizer and kept the stand only (As shown in snap no. 3 )
2) Took 1 inch width Velcro Loops Tape length 3 inches (4 pieces)
     and fixed on the stand top rubber grip with Epoxy at 4 places (as shown in snap no.3 and snap no.4 )
3) Took 1 inch thick plywood (16 inch X 40 inches ),and then fixed thick cotton and sponge by Epoxy on one side (for Ironing base)
    On other side of the Ply fixed 1 inch width Velcro Hook Tape length 3 inches ( 4 pieces)( seen in snap no 5 & 6 )
    at exact locations to match the Velcro Loops on the stand
4) As we keep this Ply on the stand, due to Velcro Tape the Ply doesn't move as we start Ironing .
     The Ply ( Ironing Top) remains in position. When We finish Ironing we just pull This ply top and keep Synthesizer for paying

It saved buying Ironing Table, Space and money
All family members love this idea !

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