Introduction: Simplest Arc Reactor

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Only for the Iron man fans simple an artificial arc reactor using leds. The white led look really awesome in dim light similar to Tony Stark arc reactor of iron man suit

Step 1: All That You Need ..

You would require the following things
- 8 white leds
- 3 Button cells
-white cardboard
-semi transparent plastic sheet
-cellotapes,scissors etc.

Step 2: Getting Started

For making the body of reactor cut out a circle from cardboard and plastic sheet.
I have taken diameter for cardboard base 8.5 cm and plastic sheet with diameter 6.5 cm.
Encircle it and make boundaries or make a structure of can.
Connect the leds parallel in a circle I have taken 8 leds more than that cas also be taken. I found it redymade from a lamp but yes it can be easily made as shown in figures.
Draw the patter on a white paper using black sketch. Black color would give more natural effect to lights. Pattern can be drawn from the Internet, I have taken of my own.
Make battery by connecting 3 Button cells in series.

Step 3: Core of Reactor

Put pattern below the plastic sheet and encircled led on it. The semi transparent sheet will provide a beter refraction of light. Connect the batteries an let one end of ckt be opened .
cover the reactir with the cardboard base and take out the open wires from the base.

Step 4: Lights Off....

Put it below your T shirt . set the wires of reactor such that when you breath heavily connections closes due to pressure and led glows.

Enjoy killing people with uni beam ......

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