Introduction: Ironworker and Hydraulic Bender at Techshop

First step is to get a membership at TechShop!  They have great classes and great tools!  This was my second class, where we learned about the IronWorker adn Tubing Bender.

Step 1: Ironworker: Key Parts

The first part of the class was about the key parts of the machine.  It's important to know that all of the metalworking positions on the machine act at the same time. When you activate the control, all stations operate at once.  Always be mindful of other people being around the machine, so that someone does not get a body part damaged. In the picture, I have labeled the important bits, as we were instructed. Look at the individual photos for details on each workstation.

Step 2: Making a Few Cuts...

Once we had learned about the key parts, the instructor had us make a few cuts!  It's pretty impressive how much power this machine can generate!

The footswitch took us a little bit to get used to.  It has two active positions , one holds the machine where it is at, while the other one operates the stations.  Bring the station close to the material by pushing all the way down on the switch, this bypasses the first switch position, and goes to the second position.  When the tool is close to the material relax your foot pressure a little to let the switch come back to the first position.  This cause the machine to hold it's postion.  Adjust your material, and then press harder on the pedal, to cycle the machine all the way.  Once the cut is finihsed, release the pedal, and the machine goes back to the starting position. Done!

Step 3: Tubing Bender: Key Parts

The tubing bender is a little simpler machine.  We went over the available dies for bending flat, square, and round stock. Each shape and size takes a different set of dies.

We installed the different sets, using the various holes and pins.One 

This bender has a a air/hydraulic operation that makes it easy.  Press on the main part of the foot switch to advance the machine, and the smaller part to release the machine and return it to the starting position.

Step 4: Tubing Bender: Making Some Bends

We made a few bend on various shapes and sizes of material.