Ironman Mark42helmet



Introduction: Ironman Mark42helmet

This helmat is a mark3 template,but i change it to mark42
Here are the steps of making the helmet

Step 1: Print a Template Out

First,print a template out,i use the mark3 template,after cut it out,you should use three A4 size to make it (if you wanted to wear it

Step 2: Make a 3D Model

After you cut the template out ,you must prepare lots of hard cardboard,and make a 3d model with a hot glue gun

Step 3: Add Some More Ditails Parts and Change the Ears of the Helmet

You must figured out the mark3 and the mark42helmet's ears is different,so you must change it

Step 4: Add the Fibre Glass in the Inside of the Helmet

Use the fibre glass to harden the helmet

Step 5: Add the Bondo Glass on the Outside

Harden the helmet and make more nice by adding bondo glass

Step 6: Sand It and Add a Layer of File in the Inside the Helmet

Sand the helmet,add a layer of file inside the helmet,to avoide to hurt your head

Step 7: Your Done!

Congragilation!!!your done!!!^^

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