Introduction: Ironman Mark 1

I love when the first movie came out and all over the net
people were building there own version of the suit but no one was trying to build the origami Kirby suit.

For the legs I got a pair of pajama paint and a role of
silver tape.

For the boots I got a pair of rubber boots two pieces of wood that I trace around with my boot two inches wider then the boots. I drilled four wholes on each boot and used zip strip to secure the boots to the boards. then I used sheets of melt for heat ducts to make the shape around the boots. The really are heavy to wear and they are hard to walk in but still loved it.

As for the gloves I went to a farm store and got the biggest black rubber gloves I could find and the light was from the store for trailers.

The arms are made from four pieces of heat ducts and card board and that grey tape. I used nuts and bolts to assemble it and came up with a ways to make them move.

The main body part was first made with a industry trash can that cut here and there four my body shape. I attach more of that metal sheeting with nuts and bolts.As for the shoulders I went to a Big Lots and fount these half shaped moon flower holders. I used card bard inside for comfort and on the outside I attach more of the sheet melt front and back.

And for the helmet. I went to big lots and found a big two dolm flower holder and cut one of them in half for the bottom and then I use three piece of solid steel to attach them in a equal distance for my big head. I used more of the sheet melt for the rest.

It was a lot of fun but hot as hell when I wore it. When I did this it was summer of 2008 and it was in the high 90's my wife had to give me water through the eye whole. Trying to find more photos of this.

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