Item Holder.

Introduction: Item Holder.

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This is useful for little things to make. More stable than your hands!

Step 1: What You Need.

You need:
-Paper plate or something else for body
-Copper wire (That you can bend)
-Electrical tape (optional)
-Two alligator clips

Let's get started then!

Step 2: Measuring & Cutting

First take your copper wire, and cut it 20cm long. Then peel off the tube, and mark the center, 10 cm. Save the tube for later use!

Step 3: More Cutting + Bending.

When you have marked the center, cut it. Then bend the end of the wire for length of 3cm to 90° I forgot to take picture, so i drew it.

Step 4: More Bending! :D

Then from the 3cm bend measure out 1.5cm and mark. Bend it DOWN from the 3cm bend.

Step 5: Bending....

Then take the other end and bend 0.5cm - 1cm to the same direction as the last bend. Take the tube, and cut same length that you bended, and put it in the bend.

Step 6: Clipping :D

Then take your alligator clip, and clip it to the tube. Now your clip is ready. Make two of these.

Step 7: Decoration.

This is optional. Take your electrical tape and wrap it over the clip. You can be creative by using different tapes.

Step 8: Body Making and Glueing.

If you want to, you can decorate the body now. When you have decorated the body, draw lines where you want the clips to go. then apply some glue to the lines and put the clips to their places.

Step 9: Ready to Roll!

Let the glue dry for few minutes and your holder is ready! You can improvise and make your own better. Thanks for watching this isntructable!

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