Introduction: J4Kids Instructables Cooking Show: Banana Bread, W/Chef James/10

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Chef James/10 and bakers Jon Luc/8and Julien/4 whip up confections amidst comedy, near catastrophe and lots of fun. Thanks for joining our homeschooled motley crew of culturally correct candid cook comedians for under 10 minutes of practical pleasure. Together, we just might enjoy learning a thing, or two about wet and dry mixture preparation, and the art of making banana bread.

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Next... How To Make Banana Bread?

Step 1: Chef James/10 Suggests That You Gather Your Ingredients Together Prior to Preparation.

Separate ingredients into two (2) groups for wet and dry mixtures.

2 Eggs (wet mixture)

Sea Salt (dry mixture)

Melted Butter (wet mixture)

Over Ripe Bananas (wet mixture)

Pan Spray (Coconut Preferred)

Baking Soda (dry mixture)

Vanilla (wet mixture)

Flour (dry mixture)

and a three (3) big mixture bowls

Step 2: Chef James/10 Explains How to Get the Best Out of Preparation.

Smashed Bananas, smash several over ripe bananas together in a (wet) mixture bowl 1

Oven temperature, pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Clean Hands, keep the chef and patrons healthy, wealthy and wise

Julien/4 says,"I'm going to go wash my hands!"

Step 3: Chef James Reminds Us That, If You Are Cooking or Baking, Don't Forget to Clean Up As You Go."

Smash butter, use a bowl and any utensil that aids the (wet) mixture smashing process

Jon Luc/8 asks Julien/4,"Did you use soap? (regarding the washing of Julien's/4 hands)"
Julien's/4 face delivers the relevant conclusion.

Add sugar, gradually add sugar to the smashed butter, then add more sugar to the (wet) mixture bowl 2

Smash bananas, again and again, try to create a chunky but smooth consistency

Combine (wet) mixture bowl 1 with (wet) mixture bowl 2

Step 4: Baker Jon Luc/8 Takes Charge.

Vanilla extract, add 1 teaspoon of the aromatic flavoring to combined (wet) mixture bowls

Flour, add two (2) cups to the (dry) mixture bowl

Salt, add two (1) teaspoon to (dry) mixture bowl

Mix (dry) mixture bowl ingredients

Step 5: With Hands Washed Chef James Continues the Preparation Process.

Sour cream or yogurt, add 1/2 cup of either to the (wet) mixture

Julien/4 says,"It's your choice."

Add, dry to wet mixture combining all of the ingreidents

Consistency, the texture and thickness of the combined mixtures create a substance that is hard to mix,
this substance is often called, "batter."

Step 6: Chef James, Places the Batter Into a Special Glass (Pyrex) Baking Container, and Then Places It Into, the Oven for About (1) One Hour.

Skewer test, if the bread is ready (fully baked) batter will not stick to the skewer

Last Step, is to eat it!