Introduction: Jack-O-Lantern Ring

We're making Jack-O-Lantern Ring!

Step 1: Materials

-Paper clip

-Red clay

-Yellow clay

-Brown clay

-Black clay

-Liquid for topcoat

-Long nose plier

Step 2: Take Shape

Stretch a clip and make a circle.

Then, Adjust to fit your finger.

Make a circle slightly smaller than the circle.

Cut the remaining end.

Step 3: Mix Clay to Make Color

Mix red clay and yellow clay to make orange color.

Mix a little brown to make a pumpkin-like color.

Step 4: Attach to Jack-O-lantern's Body and Some Detail

Attach ring and pumpkin-like clay.

When you rub it, you get a better look.

Use a little black clay to make two triangles.

This will be the Jack-O-lantern's eye.

Then stretch the small black clay to create a mouth.

Then, put the black clay together around the mouth very small.

This will be a tooth.

Step 5: Topcoat

When our Jack-O-lantern dries, we apply the finishing fluid.

Thin,but tightly painted will give you a better look.

Step 6: Enjoy It!

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