Jack-o-lantern Fruit Cups!

Introduction: Jack-o-lantern Fruit Cups!

This super-cute, healthy treat is great for kids to make, as they can do most of it themselves! It's the perfect treat for that exiting hour, before trick-or-treating! I filled mine with watermelon, because we had no berries in the house! Berries might be a better idea though, because you can cram more in!

Step 1: Preparing Your Orange and Supplies

First of all, gather all of your supplies before starting. I make that mistake too, I gather the supplies listed but then, half way through you need another bowl or something. Here are the things that you'll need:

- 1 Navel orange for each person you're serving, in this case we did 1

- 1 Knife

- 1 Small spoon

- 1 Small cutting board

- Enough berries or melon to fill each orange (about 1/3 of a cup per orange)

First, you need to cut the to off of the orange, with the knife. About half an inch off the top. So that you have a big "half" and a small "half" (since they're not really halves).

Step 2: Scooping and Carving

This is, personally, my favorite part! Because you can carve any sort of face you want. Here we did triangular eyes and a happy mouth!

First, you need to stick the spoon into the large part of the orange, in the pulp.

Then, as if you were using a knife, go around the orange pulp. Moving the spoon up and down as you go. In a cutting motion.

Next, it's time to decide on a face! For what we did (a smiley mouth with triangular eyes) you simply hold the orange at the side, where you won't cut your fingers. Then, you wiggle the knife against the orange, until it goes in (or you could just shove it, but that results in the orange breaking). To cut the triangular eyes, we started at the top, when the knife was in, and worked our way back. So, we started at the top then cut down on an angle, next, we went in a horizontal line to make the bottom of the eye. Finally, we cut up at an angle and finished back where we started.

After, you need to cut the mouth. We cut a simple smiley mouth, but you may do whatever you want, if you can cut it! To cut a smile, start by wiggling the knife in, like we did for the eyes, and cut in a straight horizontal line for the top. Next, you have to cut from the end of your horizontal line and cut a semi-circle until you get to the other side of the horizontal line. Push the piece of orange out and then you have a mouth!

Step 3: Finishing

Finally, to finish off your orange, jack-o-lantern fruit cup all you need to do is put your mixed fruit into the empty orange. If you kept the top, you can add that on top of the fruit cup. If not, that's fine too, I actually prefer it without the top, but it's your personal preference. Now that you have finished it, it should look something like the picture. Unless you used berries, then it would have berries inside it. This super-cute treat will be perfect for before trick-or-treating, because it will give you the energy to keep going!

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