Introduction: How to Make a Mario Pipe Stationary Holder

This will show how to make the mario pipe stationary holder.


You will be needing:
Polypropylene, Plaster, Water, Cutter Knife or Scissors, Tape, Hand Held Drill, Bucket, Acrylic Paint or Water Colour, Paper (optional)

Step 1: 1. Draw and Cut an Octagon and Rectangles on Polypropylene

Draw a regular octagon with a compass (

) or protractor (135 degrees) making each length 4 cm

Draw 8 rectangle with one side as 4 cm and the other side 14 cm

Then cut them out with scissors or a cutter knife

Step 2: 2. Arranging and Taping to Make It a Octagonal Prism

Arrange each rectangle on each side of the octagons like the pink one. Then tape each side together so they don't move

After that pull up 2 sides and tape them together vertically. Then tape the connections between the octagons on the outside, to take out the tape on the inside. Keep doing it for each side until it becomes a octagonal prism.

Step 3: 3. Draw and Cut a Rectangle and 2 Circles

Draw 2 circle with a diameter of 6 cm or radius of 3cm. Use a protractor and draw it around then cut it out.

Then cut a rectangle with 1 side has 6 cm and the other side as 17 cm or more.

You roll up the rectangle so it become a cylinder shape and tape it up with the circles so it remains its shape.

Step 4: 4. Making the Plaster

First put 3 water in a bucket that can be dirty. Then add some food colouring (optional). After that pour 4 plaster at the start. Then starting mixing the plaster with the liquid. If the mixture feels like its a liquid you can slowly add more plaster until it starts to become thick.

Step 5: 5. Pour Plaster Into the Mold

Get the thick plaster mixture put it into the octagonal prism. After that grab the cylinder and dip into the plaster to create a hole. Don't put this in the exact middle if you want to drill holes for the next step.

Step 6: 6. Sanding

Get sand paper to sand the rough edges to make them smooth. Then sand paper on all sides to make them equal and remove the tape indents.

Step 7: 7. Drill Holes

In the places that has more space (because of the uneven core placement), grab a hand held drill and slowly drill it in (to avoid breaking it)

Step 8: 8. Painting

Grab acrylic. paint and paint it the color green to give it a mario pipe color. And around 3/4 upward you paint it a dark green to give an illusion of a shadow.

Step 9: Done

You are now done you should let the paint dry and after that you can leave it on a desk and put stationary in. Giving a gaming environment in your workspace making it more fun.