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Introduction: James Develin's Gym

Here is my participation in the "Make it real" contest. You can see the choices I made in terms of design but also of equipment and the various pieces that are found in this building.

Step 1: Take Notes

The first step was to take notes from the conference and more particulary on the James develin part when he present his projet. I took note of his wishes and the direction in which to move to complete the proect. This note taking contained the Jame's requierement, the important parts to focus on and differents advices given in the instruction of the contest. That was the first approach and this words together allow you to immerse yourself in the projet. After that I needed to find my artistic direction and an inspiring adea for the projet.

Step 2: Mood Board and Ideas

When I heard about the rehabilitation it remind me of a renewal for the person and a new start but very complicated because it's not a choice. So I though of nature. I chose to orient my project towards a building that would have a strong link with nature. A homecoming for people who need inspiration, motivation and appeasement. So I carried out a lot of research to be inspired by existing buildings or elements of nature. This leads to finishing this mood board which presents different inspirations and the important themes of the projects resulting from the notes.

Step 3: First Sketch

The little drawing on the left was the fist sketch, I imagine a combination between the water and the wood and of course lots of greenery. After that made a water color of my idea that allows me to concretely see colors and shapes, I also make the roof with solar pannels and I really liked my Idea of the waves on the building.

Step 4: Final Sketch

Nevertheless I decided to make other sketches son improve my idea. When I thought about the layout of the rooms I couldn't imagine how to put a swimming pool in the buildings, so I drew an additional building and made the cutouts to make it easier to design on the computer.

rafter that i went to the main part, the 3d design on tinkercad !

Step 5: The First Building Conception

I started with the first buildingthe difficulty here was mainly the horizontal exterior cladding and the design of the exterior flowerpots. I then cut out the building according to its compartments, I had to try to better manage the spaces so that the proportions were realistic.

Step 6: First Building

1.The entrance

Here is the entrance of the building. The visitor is greeted by a door in the middle of the building. He enters a large and welcoming space that presentthese caracteristics :

  • In the foreground on the left the access to the different rooms that we will see after and on the right the exit for people who have been at the swimming pool.
  • A large space on the right to chat with people who are at the counter, here you can discover the offers of the room and for example make an appointment for a personalized follow-up or pay your subscription for example.
  • On the left you can see the turnstiles to have access to the different services when you have the membership card.
  • In the background we see the staircase leading to the weight room and also the access to the corridor serving the toilets and the access to the swimming pools

Step 7: First Building

2. The Access to personalized monitoring

This piece is very important, when you come to James Develin's gym you must be followed in your rehabilitation so that it is the fastest, the most effective and the most pleasant possible. So here we have a room in which we can make an appointment to meet a specialist who will follow you during the reduction and will set up a specific program for each one.

Step 8: First Building

3. The meeting room

Here is a very versatile piece :

  • Conferences can be organized to talk about a subject, members will be notified and will be invited to come to this room.
  • Members can request to use the room for any event or they can meet after their training if the room is free.
  • Important: the distance between the chairs must always be kept in order to respect the barrier gestures.

Step 9: First Building

4. The rest room

Here again this room with a space to lie down can be used for different functions :

  • Physiotherapy sessions can take place for reeducation.
  • Or massage sessions simply for the good being are offered in the room.

Step 10: First Building

5. WC

Nothing revolutionary here only the toilets which are necessary in the building and which is therefore located here.

Step 11: First Building

6. The changing rooms of the swimming pool

Here is a main part of the building. Several swimming pools are available and to have access to them, we first go through the cabins, we then put our things in the lockers provided for this purpose then we take a showers in the small cabins. You can then access the pools by taking the lazy river that flows through the tube, a fun and relaxing way to get in the water.

Finally the user returns by the second tube, he takes a shower, then he can collect his things in the locker. To limit the crossing of people who do not wear the mask here, the people who come back are not in touch with those who arrive at the swimming pool, it is therefore necessary to find a way that they recover their business. This is possible by lockers which have a door on each side. Once the business is collected, we can go back to change in the cabins and leave the place by the exit.

Step 12: The Weight Room Conception


The construction of this building was complex because I wanted this wave shape on the top of the building so I got it by removing some other shapes and we get the floor which is intended to accommodate the machines and the sports area .

Step 13: The Weight Room

1. The building

  • The building is surrounded by large windows which allow light to enter the room. These large windows can be opened for ventilation, which is important in limiting the spread of covid19.
  • In addition, the windows offer a view to the sportsmen on the vegetation of the roof.
  • The design of the wave was used here to remind water and to mark the originality of the building.
  • The roof of the building is equipped with solar panels that allows to use the energy of the sun to provide part of the electricity necessary for the room

Step 14: The Weight Room

1. The layout

  • We access the room by the stairs, we can then see the changing rooms which have two doors, one to enter to change and the other to leave changed, ready to start training.
  • You can see the treadmills arranged so as to see the gardens and separated to respect the barrier gestures.
  • We also see the weight bench with the weights accessible in the middle of the room.
  • There is space of bars to perform different exercises such as pull-ups to build strength. to finish a boxing ring was placed here. Although not everyone participates in combat sports, it is a good way to train by doing different exercises.

Step 15: The Third Building Concetion


I had to build the building in which the swimming pools and the small football field are located. Once again I really challenged myself by wanting to make a glass part on the side. I made this opening so that there is a lot of light in this space. In the general aspect of the building I took again what I had done for the first building, that is to say a horizontal wooden cladding.

Step 16: The Third Building

1. Swimming pools

So here we have the swimming pools which are accessible from the changing rooms seen above. When you leave the lazy river, you can either go to two pools, one very cold the other very hot, which can do a lot of good for the muscles. Or a larger pool allowing swimming.

Step 17: The Third Building

2. The soccer field

We have here a very bright space thanks to the opening of the building and this space is dedicated to a small football field with bleachers. There is an entery on the building.

Step 18: The Complete Building

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    24 days ago

    And it doesnt look fake!


    27 days ago

    Wow!! This is really fantastic. Thank you for submitting such a well thought out and beautiful design :)