Jamun Ice Popsicles


Introduction: Jamun Ice Popsicles

We have a huge Jamun tree in our home garden, which I planted 12 years ago. The tree has started bearing fruits from couple of years back. This season we have collected lot of fruits fallen from the tree and I thought of making Ice popsicles using the fruit.

The popsicles turned out to be so good, so I am sharing it here

Step 1: Remove Seeds From the Fruits

  • Collect fresh fruits from the tree. Here I have taken about 250 grams of fruits for making the popsicles
  • Transfer the fruits to a wide-mouthed bowl and squeeze out the seeds with fingers
  • Add some water to the fruits so that the seeds can be separated from the flesh

Step 2: Make Jamun Juice

  • Transfer the deseeded Jamun fruits to a mixer grinder and make a fine paste
  • The paste is very thick. So, add a cup of water to the paste and filter out the juice using a cheese cloth. This juice is sufficient for filling all 6 popsicles in the mould.
  • The remains can be discarded or can be used for making compost

Step 3: Add Sugar

  • Now add one cup of sugar and stir well. Taste the mix and adjust the sugar to your taste

Step 4: Fill Popsicle Mould

  • Clean the popsicle mould and sticks
  • Fill the popsicle mould with the sugar mixed juice
  • Replace the popsicle sticks on the juice-filled mould

Step 5: Deep Freeze the Popsicles

  • Now place the popsicle mould with the juice in a deep freezer and leave it there overnight

Step 6: Enjoy the Jamun Popsicles

  • The popsicles are frozen solid overnight
  • On a sunny hot afternoon, remove the popsicle mould from the freezer
  • Sprinkle water on the underside of the mould
  • Keep the mould inverted on a plate. Within a minute the popsicles will slide out from the mould

The popsicles are so cold and tastes wonderful, enjoy with your family and friends to beat the heat

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