Introduction: Jay Rechargable Bright Lamp

All new bright LED rechargeable lamp power pack with lithium battery that give last long backup,build to carry any where. the most important words for this lamp it is made use of house hold scrap almost zero cost of construction so Let's Made In India

Step 1: Goodies Require to Make Good

1. coke bottle

2. medium size tin paint cane or similar

3.galvanized wire

4.Led panel form led bulb

5. nut bolt


7. dc female socket

8. mobile lipo battery

9. plastic mug

Step 2: Prepare the Base

take paint cane and remove its cap ,make one hole of bolt size you use on the middle of cap,

now bend the galvanized wire one end on bolt diameter and place it on cane cap hole,tight it well

fill the paint cane with some weight like stone pieces or like wise material so it can hold the weight of the final structure. our base is ready.

Step 3: Prepare the Light Housing

take an old plastic mug of suitable size so the led panel fit well in it and after taking suitable depth cut down the extra plastic from it ,same time make grove for switch

on the back side of plastic mug cut a hole of that much size so the coke bottle nick can insert in it

Step 4: Cut the Coke Bottle to Insert in Mug

cut down the nick portion of the coke bottle then insert the thread part inside the plastic mug back hole from inside out

Step 5: Bend Remaining End of Wire As Shown in Figure

bend the remaining end of wire in circular shape size as coke bottle nick and put it inside the bottle nick and tight the bottle cap so this will hold the plastic mug with led its almost look complete lamp now go on its electronic circuit

Step 6: Make Wiring As Per This Circuit

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