Introduction: Jerky on the BBQ

You can make jerky at home on the BBQ during a nice hot sunny day

Step 1:

Buy the leanest cut of steak you can find, you really do not want fat and grizzle on your jerky. Try to buy it cut thin for stir fry or ask the butcher to slice it thin, if not put it in the freezer for a while and that will help you to cut it thin, just don't freeze it solid!

Step 2:

Put your meat in a zip lock bag and season it how you like. I use chili sauce, Worcestershire sauce, slap ya mama, garlic powder, black pepper, hot and spicy seasoning. You can add or subtract anything you want to make it your own! Marinate for at least an hour.

Step 3:

Place your meat on your BBQ toward one side, do not let it touch. On the other side light a small amount of wood (this is trial and error) because you only want a low heat 180-190 about 5- 6 hrs if your meat is thicker it will take longer

Step 4:

Take your jerky off and enjoy, due to no preservatives store in refrigerator if you don't eat it within a couple days

Step 5:

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