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Introduction: Jewelry Armoire Redo

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I absolutely love this jewelry armoire and use it daily!

Check out the Before and After!

Step 1: Scavenge a Piece!

It began on a beautiful Yard Sale Saturday.
I picked up this guy for $9...after quite a bit of talking them down. It was in poor shape and would need a lot of work, plus, it's laminate...

I have scavenged similar items off the side of the road or free listings.

Keep your eyes peeled, even if it's laminate--you can fix it up!

My husband quickly set to work, so there are some "how to take drawer fronts off" pictures missing. We used a chisel and a hammer and just a couple of careful taps took the fronts off clean.
They were held in place with just 2 daubs of glue. We labeled the drawers and the fronts so we could get them back on easily.

It wasn't until THIS point that I realized that this vintage dresser was
laminate...not full wood for refinishing. blech!

But have no fear...laminate can be spray painted!So, instead of hours of sanding...

Step 2: Priming!

I laid them out on some cardboard and primed them with white spray primer.
There were some scratches. I just went ahead and left them...but some wood filler would do the trick.

I taped off the drawers, the inside velvet and
sprayed the armoire and the fronts.

Once the primer dried, I sprayed everything with my favorite go-to color:

Let dry completely...I waited overnight.

(side story: I have painted so many things aqua...that every time I bring something new home, my husband says
"are you going to paint that blue too?"...)

Step 3: Glue and Knobs!

Then I used regular old Elmer's school glue and glued the fronts back onto the drawers.
You could use wood glue...but I find it's not necessary.

Next I went knob shopping!
Knobs are usually the most expensive part of a redo project like this... but they make ALL the difference!

5 crystal knobs were $2 each from Michaels, the 8 silver knobs were $2.47 each from Home Depot.

I love how the crystal knobs sparkle!

I left the pink velvet lining in all the drawers and just
scrubbed them with a hot damp cloth.

Step 4: Enjoy!

I love it!
It houses all my jewelry perfectly! When we moved last, I sold nearly all my furnishings...I just knew we didn't have space. But this guy, I kept! It's my favorite!

Painting laminate furniture is the best way to reuse an old piece!
I hope this helps you look at furniture pieces differently!

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    6 years ago

    This is beautiful! It's so cute! Keep up the great work!


    6 years ago

    Beautiful! Love all of your tutorials! Keep up the good work