Jewelry Holder + Perfume Shelf




Introduction: Jewelry Holder + Perfume Shelf

For this project I wanted to prove that a person can make a beautiful design from very simple craft objects.

I wanted to create something for all of you Instructables , that was easy to make and looks very product like in the end.

I hope you like it!

It is a jewelry + perfume shelf, made out of cardboard.

Step 1: Print and Cut

First you need to print the blueprint, glue it onto a cardboard, and cut by the marked lines with a cardboard knife. It will take a while, be patient. It is very important to be precise because the parts need to fit one another.

Notice that the circles are designed to be 4mm in order to be able to punch them out with your everyday office puncher.

(notice that in the
pictures it is cardboard laser cutting, because I made several shelves and wanted to cut time)

Step 2: Folding Lines

Create folding lines in the marked areas (the red lines in the pic added) using a blunt object like a pen or a fork, and a ruler. Make them deep and in both sides of the cardboard, in order to have clean line when you fold.

Step 3: Super Glue the Thin Edge to Give It More Strength.

Step 4: Fold Your Ring Holder Hooks.

Fold your ring holder. (video added for better understanding)

1) Lift part A , press and fold it gently to get a rounder shape.

2) Lift part B and do the same

3) Bend part B into where part A came out from.

4) Glue part B to his new position, I used two different glues, gel glue and super glue because I had no patient to wait.

5) Repeat steps 1-4 for the next 3 hooks.

The cardboard could split in the middle, if that happen don’t panic, just glue it back together later on.


Step 5: Folding

Fold the cardboard by the folding lines you add before.

Notice that the hooks need to be at the outside of the shelf when you fold it.

Using the side of a table helps to brake the lines.

The cardboard will break, it will, don’t worry about it, it is not so pretty, but cardboard does it. If it really bothers you, you can cover it with glue or something.

Step 6: Glue

Glue part D to part E

Glue part F to part G

Glue the supportive triangles to the shelf.

Step 7: Sanding Sealer

Cover the shelf with Sending sealer/polish/any hardening sealing material you like.

Notice the cardboard edges, if you miss a part it won't take the paint later on.

Step 8: Painting

Put an air mask

Paint with light primer paint

Wait for it to dry

Paint with your favorite color!

Step 9: Enjoy!

Enjoy your new earring hanger/shelf!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this guide!

Notice that English is not my native language and I would love it if when you see a type mistake you will let me know. Thank you.

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