Introduction: Customised Jewerly With Paper Beads

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Equipment list required:







-PVA glue


-hook for earrings, chains etc..



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Step 1: Draw the Shapes on the Cardboard

Draw on the cardboard the shapes of the beads that you want to create (with the help of the bracket or of the ruler).

Any form creates a different bead.

Step 2: Cut the Cardboard

Cut the shapes.

Step 3: Roll Up

Roll up the cardboard with the help of the toothpick.

Step 4: Close the Strip

Close with glue the end of the cardboard strip.

Cover the entire bead of glue with a brush (seem more lucid!).

Step 5: Let It Dry

Put the toothpick in a polystyrene support and let it dry.

Step 6: Finish

Your beads are ready!

If you want to make an earring, complete with wire, hooks and colored beads ... and wear it!

You can indulge your fancy making bracelets, necklaces, tents, various decorations.