Jobs Pumpkin

Introduction: Jobs Pumpkin

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This is my awesome Steve Jobs dedicated pumpkin.

Dremel tool with small and big sphere bits and brush bit
Safety glasses
Picture to use

Disclaimer : I am not responsible if you get hurt,injured,mad,etc in any way while making this
AWESOME pumpkin.

Step 1: Cutting

First, use the knife(WARNING : be careful) to cut the top off of the pumpkin.
Next, use the spoon to remove the pumpkin guts and put them in the bowl.
You can pick the seeds out later and roast them if you like.

Step 2: Find a Picture

Find a picture to use. I used Steve Jobs to commemorate him in a Halloweenish way.
Tape the picture to the pumpkin so that the whole picture will stay on the pumpkin when you use the Dremel.
You may need to fold the picture to keep it flat on the pumpkin.

Step 3: Pin Up

Use the needle to poke holes through the paper to transfer the picture on to the pumpkin.
Make sure to only poke holes on the lines you want to use.
After you do this you can draw up a plan(like in the pictures) to show where and how deep you are going to use the Dremel.

Step 4: Dremel It Up

Use the Dremel tool to make a groove on the dotted line.(remember to use the lowest setting on the Dremel tool or suffer devastating results)
Then go back through and make the groove deeper,about half an inch deep or less if your pumpkin is not very thick.
Last use the brush attachment to get rid of the extra pumpkin skin left behind. (Sorry about the blurry bit pictures,I was in a hurry.)

Step 5:

Now put a light inside and watch your neighbors look at your pumpkin in amazement and envy. :)
Also you can use the Dremel to make deeper cuts to make one area lighter than another when there is a light inside.
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    10 years ago on Introduction

    nice :) I did an apple logo on a pumpkin last year but I think this year would have fit better.