Join Zmote to Your Wi-Fi Network

Introduction: Join Zmote to Your Wi-Fi Network

zmote is an IoT gadget that connects to your home Wi-Fi network and lets you control all your remote-controlled devices through a browser on your phone, tablet or a computer.

This instructable will guide you through the steps to set up your new zmote and join it to your home Wi-Fi network.

Step 1: Place It, Power It

First, find a good location in your room to place your zmote. Ideally, you should place the zmote at a position from which it can 'see,' i.e., have an unobstructed view of all the devices you want to control using it. A little in front of or on the side of your TV should work fine.

zmote can also be mounted on wall or the ceiling, like a light bulb.

Second, zmote needs to be powered using a 5V 500mA DC power adapter. A spare mobile phone charger with a micro-USB connector will work. Get a suitable adapter and connect zmote using the supplied micro-USB cable.

Once powered ON, zmote will start blinking with a faint blue light.

Step 2: Connect to Zmote's Wi-Fi Hotspot

While the blue light is blinking, connect your phone or computer to zmote's Wi-Fi hotspot. It will have a name of the form zmote_ABCDEF, where ABCDEF is your zmote's unique ID.

If you are using your phone or a tablet with cellular / mobile connectivity, you should disable it until you finish configuring your zmote.

Go to your phone's Wi-Fi Settings menu, search for available networks matching that name, and join it. No password is required.

You may use any device with Wi-Fi and a web browser (a tablet, a laptop, a PC or Mac) in place of a phone.

Step 3: Select Your Home Wi-Fi Network

Now visit using the browser on your phone.

Your phone may warn you about no internet connectivity and may ask you to switch to some other network. Ignore that.

It may take several seconds for that page to load. Just hang on a bit.

If it gets stuck at Loading... state for a long time, try reloading the page.

Once the page is successfully loaded, it will show a list of available Wi-Fi networks. Select your home Wi-Fi network from that list.

Step 4: Connect

On selecting your home Wi-Fi network, it will prompt you to enter your password.

Enter your home Wi-Fi network password (case-sensitive) carefully and click on Connect button. Your zmote will now try to connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

Wait for about half-a-minute and check if it is still blinking with a faint blue light.

If the blue light is steadily ON, your zmote has successfully connected to your home Wi-Fi network and it is ready for use.

If the blue light is still blinking, zmote could not connect to your home Wi-Fi network. There may have been an error in entering the password. Reload the page, choose the same network and retry entering the password. If the blue light turns off at any point, unplug the zmote, plug it back in and try the steps again.

Step 5: Success!

That's it.

Your phone should automatically disconnect from the zmote at this point and rejoin your home Wi-Fi network.

If you had turned off your Cellular/Mobile Data in a previous step, you can turn it back on now.

You can power off the zmote at any time. When you power it on again, it will reconnect to your home network automatically. The blue light will blink at power up and become steady after a few seconds once the zmote is connected and ready.

Write to us by email should you face any difficulties or to share feedback.

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