Introduction: Joseph Medieval Battle Axe

This project is very simple and can be completed in just one day. All you have to do it cut out the pieces, paint them and then finally glue them together. It is super easy and the materials are fairly cheap so anyone can make this.


Materials Needed:

- Cardboard

- Glue gun and glue

- 1 PVC pipe

- Paint (brown and grey/silver)

- String/Tape

- Paint brushes

Step 1: Cut the Cardboard and Glue

Take your cardboard and cut it intoxe blades. You have to cut out four of these axe blades and then also make a mini cardboard box. Then you have to take the four axe blades and glue them together in groups of two so that there are only two axe blades at the end.

Step 2: Painting

Next after you've made the two cardboard blades and the little cardboard box, you have to paint those as well as the PVC pipe. Paint the PVC pipe and the cardboard box brown and paint the two axe blades sliver/grey.

Step 3: Putting Everything Together

The next step is glueing everything together. First glue the cardboard box to the end of the PVC pipe and then let it dry. After it has dried glue the axe blades to opposite sides of the small cardboard box and let everything dry. After you can use tape or string to support the glue even more making sure that the blades stay stuck to the handle of the axe (the box on the PVC pipe), adding tape and string it only optional.