Just ... Another Face Mask, Square Pocket Edition.

Introduction: Just ... Another Face Mask, Square Pocket Edition.

About: Tovdesign is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Belgium, founded in 2002 by Tom De Vrieze, offering design consultancy, (rapid) protoyping and VR immersion. Awarded with Belgium's leading design award…

About face masks, if you can't beat them join them.
This stylish face mask is just made of 1 sheet of paper and can also be worn as a pocket square.


1 sheet of A4-paper, 2 rubber bands and 2 metal staples

Step 1: Print & Fold

Choose your patterns : bear, duck, poppy beard, poirot or blanco.
Print your sheet recto/verso.

Fold : Just folllow the numbers and fold along dashed lines and/or see the video.

Step 2: Optional : Place Tissue or Filter

See how in the video at the end.

Enjoy !

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