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The Big JLA reunion is coming and all DC Fans are nuts for it. While we wait for the upcoming movie lets get creative and do amazing DC stuff. What better that invite all your pals to enjoy the movie in your home holding your beer with these rocking Coasters. ( Yes , I know, at least six DC heroes are coming...this is just the beggining )

Step 1: Supplies and Tools


5 mm Thin MDF

Router Saw

Thin Aluminium Foil

Foil embossing kit

Acrilic paint


Step 2: Embossing

First of of all >I cutted out six 10 cms circles from the mdf. that´ll be the coaster base where the embossing will be on top of it. The draw some circles all over aluminium foil wit the logos. I started to emboss with an empty ballpoint pen,over a piece of cardboard once is finished the embossing just cut out the circles out.

Step 3: Painting

With acrylic paint apply over the surface a, let it dry ,apply clear varnish. and glui it over the mdf circle with Glue Gun.

Step 4: Final Touches

There's a lot of work to do but the day is over ...maybe tomorrow I'll make the Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg Logos. Wish me luck. I hope you like it and try at home

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