K-1 With Mag!

Introduction: K-1 With Mag!

About: I like to script for ROBLOX. I dont do very big scripts, but i am a intermediate scripter.

Well here is my first fully functional knex gun that shoots purple/grey connectors. I am not sure how many bullets it can hold but is a heavily modified version of Sharir1701's knex shell ejecting gun. 
-Functioning gun
-light weight
-very reliable
-you cant pull ram rod all the way out if you dont have ammo
-Pretty durable
-shoots 15-20 feet

-non true trigger 
-mag can jam

Please vote for me in the toy connectors and rods contest, also vote for me in the toy contest and the toy brick building contest!!!!

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry it was my first gun.

    Pretty cool, but to make the gun look 'cleaner,' take the white circles off the bottom because the make it look 'pointy' and 'messy.' Replace the white connectors on the bottom of the barrel with yellow connectors, and rework the bottom rail(s) accordingly. Also, Sharir's firing pin, although it may work well, is kind of pointless, and sticks really far out of the back of the gun. To make it look neater, maybe you could make it shorter somehow.

    After that, I might work on a second version where you have the trigger (I know this is said a lot, but it's true) block back farther. I'm sure that the 15-20 foot range will almost double if you do. I'd recommend a 'gear trigger.' If you want some examples of 'gear triggers' or really all the types of triggers, I'd be happy to show you.

    Really, the only thing wrong with this is that it looks kind of messy, but a lot of my guns do too when they first start out. If you fix those things, this could easily go from being a good pistol to a great pistol. I hope this gave you some ideas for improvements, even if it is a bit long winded. >:-I



    9 years ago

    cool! good job! its similar to reds RCP kind of.