Introduction: KEBABS

The meat had a great evolution throughout history. In the past as people were unaware of the fire, their diet was raw meat and probably crushed with a stone, with primitive tools. Then, when man discovered fire, they started cooking meat in different ways. People began to generate ideas on how to make the meat to have a better taste and look more appetizing.

Step 1: Preparing the Ingredients

We have to wash the vegetables

Step 2: Cutting the Tomatoes

After we washed them, we have to cut them in squares.

Step 3:

Step 4: Cutting the Onions

Then we have to cut the onions in four pieces, then we have to remove the layers and cut them in squares.

Step 5:

Step 6: Chilli Pepper

We have to cut the chlli peppers in four pieces and then we have to cut them in squares.

Step 7: Sticks

We have to put the sticks for the kebabs in water half an hour before we start cooking, because if we don't do it, the sticks are going to burn.

Step 8: Preparing the Meat

We have to flavour the meat with the condiments that the consumer wants.

Step 9: Cutting the Meat

We have to cut the meat in squares.

Step 10: Kebabs

Then, we have to introduce the vegetables and the meat in the sticks.

Step 11:

Step 12: Preparing Kebabs

We have to put the kebabs on the fire.

Step 13:

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