Introduction: KEEP a LEAF BAG OPEN

Filling a leaf bag is a frustrating experience, they don't stay open and tend to collapse when adding material. There are several commercial and DIY devices that address this problem. However, this solution is quick, simple, and low or no cost. It utilizes an easily available lawn sign frame, and requires only a pair of pliers to construct.

Sample instructions for DIY devices:


1. Four prong lawn sign frame with a frame size 10 in (25.5 cm) x 14 in (36 cm)--commercially available or plentiful after an election

2. Pair of pliers (vise-grip is handy, but probably any type will do)

3. Leaf bag 12 in (31 cm) x 16 in (40 cm) x 36 in (89 cm)

Step 1: Shaping the Lawn Sign

1. Bend the four prongs on the sign frame to about a 90 degree angle to frame.

2. Bend a small hook at the ends of each prong (this is an important safety feature to prevent the prongs from causing injury to the eyes or face when loading the bags)

3. Pull each prong away from the center of the frame as shown to adjust so that the frame will rest in the bag opening,

Step 2: Using the Device

1. Open the bag fully. It is important that the bag be completely open or the weight of the device will collapse the empty bag.

2. Place the bag on a reasonably level surface. Sometimes it is helpful to have something to lean it against for stability until the weight of the contents keeps the bag upright.

3. Insert the frame into the bag opening as shown above with the prongs pointing upwards. The frame is light enough that it will be supported by the bag.

4. Put the leaves into the bag. Start with small amounts of material. Leaves and duff will fall right through, but larger twigs and branches may hang up on the frame or collapse the bag.