KISS PRINCIPLE Emergency Toilet

Introduction: KISS PRINCIPLE Emergency Toilet

First off I would like to say that this is not my Invention, in fact there are several "similar" types on Intsructables as camping/composting Toilets, good for you guys.

If you have found yourself in the dodgy situation of having no power then you might realise that without power more than likely at some point the water will stop too! Now you can use the toilet at home the first few times but then you have a choice, use up valuble water from your supply (you do have an emergency supply of water don´t you?)

or let the toilet stink and clog up! Neither could be a good idea especially if you have to go, NOW!

So here is a simple solution if you don´t want to start digging holes in the garden and squatting.

It does not matter what kind of Bucket or Bin you use whether plastic or metal the main thing is that it is big enough and strong enough to sit on it (comfortably)


1 Bucket/Bin

1 pair Scissors

1 Pool Nudle

1 Plastic bag

1 piece of cord

1 tolet roll

Step 1: Prepare the Seat

I only know these as "pool Noodles" they are a foam plastic long and hollow thing for use in pools / swimming baths

(I don´t know if they are safe for non-swimmers) There are some which are solid but here you need the hollow type.

Simply cut one length of the noodle open and then you can put it on the edge of the Bucket (see photo) if it is too long just cut it to the correct size.

Step 2: Bag It

Now you can take your Black bag or whatever you decide to use, and place it in the bucket. Now you might say it would look nicer if the bag was in first and put the Noodle over it, but this is supposed to be multi-use and you would have to keep removing when full so this saves you that.

Step 3: Wheres the Paper

Theres nothing worse then sitting and taking a dump only to realise no paper ! So to avoid this you can take a piece of paracord or similar and thread through the toilet roll and after making a bow (not a knot, you have to change the roll) add to your Toilet, my bucket had some closers so worked good.

(A point to note on the side, if you are away on business or whatever, At the hotel Always take a generous length of toilet paper, because you may get to a toilet and there is no paper. I was doing Urban search & Rescue in a certain country and we were at one point at the Head Quarters, there were politicians, Generals etc all the top notch, but guess what was missing at the Toilets?)

Step 4: Putting the Lid on Things

This Bucket had a Lid which might be a good thing to have. Also you might want some calk /chalk with a scoop which helps cut down the smell a bit.

Well I hope you liked this, It could be for camping or for emergencies, it is comfortable and works, the only thing you need to add is your favorite comic/agazine or Newspaper

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