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Hello Everyone,

I´m back again with another really simple but effective KISS Project, if you don´t

understand what is meant by KISS principle, take a minute and see my headlight project.

So lets say your want to make an outdoors trip, so you start putting all your gear together

and get out on the road wherever your going and it starts to look like rain and you think #@§*

because you forgot your rain gear, if you have a few things with you then it´s no problem..

Step 1: Bits and Bobs

Really all you need are some Black plastic bin liners (or of course something similar)

Some Duct Tape (you should always have some with you, take the carton roll out of the middle push the duct tape

roll together and put it in a zip lock bag to save room, Also make a roll about 2 inches long and several rolls of that

fits in every pocket for small jobs) and something to cut with scissors or knife.

Step 2: Oooops, Sorry No Pic for This

Just take one bag and lie it neatly flat on the ground, make a cut up the middle for the main opening, and a vee type

cut for the head/ Hood. Then make some holes for the arms (take a look a a jacket or something for an idea how)

Step 3: Adding the Arms

Basicly the arms are tubes, so if you look at the picture you see where

they are taped along and where they join make the tube wider, for arm

freedom of movement.

Step 4: The Hood

The Hood is easier to do as is in end effect just the corner of the other bag

cut off, then opened up and taped onto the coat

Step 5: Finishing Off

The Rainjacket is quiet roomy so will fit big and small you can use

some para cord to tie it off or use duct tape and twigs to make buttons

or such, you can adjust and refine it as you like and if you have some

robust bags they last for ages, thanks and enjoy it.

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