This is a replica of the Assassin's Creed hidden gun used by Ezio made out of Knex. It doesn't use a lot of parts and can be changed to become a hidden blade (step 6). It shoots little green rods, BB's, anything that will fit inside the barrel. DO NOT FIRE AND ANYONES EYES OR FACE. Keep in mind that the combonation of rubber bands and ammo type could really hurt someone (i.e. really strong bands putting a lot of power into the shot with a metal BB) Hope you like my first Instructable!!!

Step 1: Parts

4 White
4 Yellow
1 Orange
2 Gray (double-spaced)
3 Gray/Purple (single-spaced

2 Blue
1 Yellow
1 Red
1 Orange
1 White
Any amount of Green rods (This is the ammo)

Rubber bands (Them more rubber bands, the faster it shoots but gets hard to pull back and sometimes jams a little...)

1 Gray rod
1 orange connector

Step 2: Barrel

Take the red rod, and put the single spaced connectors on as shown, then the 4 white. connect the white rod to the other single spaced connector and slide that on the rod then put the yellow connectors on. MAKE SURE THIS IS ALL SUPER TIGHT TOGETHER! You dont want the gray/purple piece to be loose because this acts as a safety (I'll tell you how that works at the end)

Step 3: Firing Mechanism

Take your yellow rod and connect it to the orange connector, then insert it into the holes of the yellow and white connectors. you may need to move the trigger (the gray connector with the white rod) out of the way. Now, attach the rubber bands as shown. More bands= MORE POWER!

Step 4: Bracelet...(idk What Else to Call It)

Take your two blue rods and connect them to your double-spaced gray connectors and your orange rod. Now connect that to your yellow connector on the main barrel.

Step 5: Loading and Firing

To load, remove safety, make sure that the yellow rod is pulled all the way back and locked, insert a green rod in the hole, then move the white rod to either side (right works best) and BOOM! The single spaced connector that swings down in front of the barrel is the safety. you can also load the gun, put the safety on and have a shot ready when you are. I KNOW THAT THE BRACELET WON'T FIT EVEYONE'S HAND! Just use longer rods if you need more size. Hope you liked my first instructable!

Step 6: Hidden Blade

Just connect your orange connector to your gray rod and put in the handle as shown. Be sure to take out the yellow rod! Connect the rubber bands the same way.
Just move the white "trigger" left or right and the blade will come out.

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