Introduction: K'NEX Tablet Scanner

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While I was in Uni, I took written notes, and computer notes, and some drawings etc..

I had trouble staying on top of the electronic and paper versions of everything piling up on my Evernote notebook, and crumpling up at the bottom of my bag.

So one day I decided enough was enough and pulled out my K'NEX! Built a thing that could hold my tablet and phone so they could "scan" (a.k.a take pictures) of my handwritten notes and upload them to Evernote.

There are a few things to take into consideration, I found out, when building this structure.

- The weight of the tablet must be supported;

- The camera (tablet, or phone) should not be obstructed;

- The tablet, or phone, should be held high up enough to be able to take a picture of the whole document;

- Add a hole on the side so you can place and remove documents easily (side view picture).

Additional considerations:

- Placing a sheet of white or black card board on the floor under the structure to set up a better contrast with the document being scanned.

Computer stuff:

- Sync your phone with Dropbox, Evernote itself, or Google photos, and upload the pictures to your Evernote notebooks, and notes so that everything can be linked or tied together. Everyone has their preferences, I've heard that Box is a pretty good document "cloud" with 50 GB of storage.

All in all, this was useful to help me get rid of clutter around my desks, in my school bag, and my living space in general.

Hope this helps, ciao!