KODAK Autographic NR.3 Model H - 118 to 120 Film Adapter

Introduction: KODAK Autographic NR.3 Model H - 118 to 120 Film Adapter

A friend of mine have a KODAK Autographic NR3 camera and wanted to test it, unfortunately for him Kodak stopped the producction of the required 118A roll-film. Looking on internet he showed me an interesting hack using a small piece of plastic tube to fit a 120 roll on the camera (http://coolframe.wordpress.com/2011/08/21/kodak-au...

Since we have a 3D printer available I take the challenge to create a simple adapter by measuring the required area to fit, the 120 roll and making something which could be added to the roll and then placed on the camera.

You will need a 3D printer and the included scad files to create your own adapter if you are lucky to own a Kodak nr3 camera.

Step 1: Tools for Trade and Some Specs

The design was created by using a Vernier calliper to take inner and outer measures, this measures where then used to create a design using OpenSCAD. Once printed the final pieces where cut, sand and trimmed to make them as clean as possible. You can see in the picture the original roll as it is fit on the camera (image from the manual).

Original 118A roll-film specifications: Unknown.

Modern 120 roll-fill specifications: 2.466" width, 0.990" flange, 0.468" core.

Step 2: Printing Your Own

The SCAD file which contains the code for both parts, on my tests printing the adapter on the side give me the best results, I believe using PLA and giving the printer a calibration round could help me to get better results however the printed parts where good enough to test the concept.

The final specs of the 120 film with the adapter are:

Original roll measures: Diameter 25mm, Height 66.8mm

With adapter: Diameter 25mm, Height 89.8mm

The upper adapter is slightly larger than the bottom one to try to force the film to be place on a lower region of the back of the camera, this was done on purpose to try to use the small window on the back to see the number of the photo, future work need to be done to see if this could be achieved.

Step 3: The Final Product ...

Each adapter fits perfectly to the small insets on the top and bottom of the film roll, with proper care I was able to use it on the camera.

The next step is to use a new 120 film, test the camera to see if there are no light leaks on the body and the light seals work ok.

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    Uncle Kudzu
    Uncle Kudzu

    7 years ago on Introduction

    What a great idea! I need something like that for shooting 35mm film in an old 120 camera.