Introduction: Kaleidoscope for Kids

The most enjoyable thing about my childhood was the freedom given to me to create new things by myself. I used to like sparkling stuff, beads and paint. I decided to try and relive those creative days by making my own kaleidoscope. Since this is the first time I made one ever since I was a child, the result might not be professional but the process was extremely fun and satisfying. I recommend it as a pastime activity that will help children to practice and develop their creativity and motor skills. Because scissors and quick glue are being used, it is recommended that the work will be supervised by an adult. The big bonus is you get to spend quality time with your kids!


1. scissors

2. quick glue

3. beads / lentils or both

4. acrylic paint/ tulip paint/ spray paint or any kind of paint you have

5. 2 paper rolls - just the rolls

6. plastic wrap

7. paintbrush

8. a plate or a cup to mix the color inside


Paprika, turmeric and coarse salt.

Step 1: Cutting the Paper Rolls

First of all, take one of the rolls and cut it into two pieces, such that the size of one piece is 1/4 of the roll and the rest is 3/4. Cut them open as portrayed in the pictures. The goal is to make those two pieces narrower than the first roll that wasn't cut, so they would fit inside like a telescop.

Step 2: Painting the Lentils and the Rolls

This is the fun part! paint the lentils in different colors. Paint the rolls and try to make fun shapes.

If you want, you can use the paprika and turmeric to paint . It doesn't work on the lentils so you will need to use the salt. All you have to do is mix them together.

Put everything to dry for 20 minutes.

Step 3: It's Glue Time!

After decorating the rolls, measure the size so they can fit inside each other and glue the edges of each roll together. Just like in the picture, 1 should be able to go inside 2, and 2 should be able to go inside 3.

Step 4: Wrapping the Small Roll

Spread the plastic wrap underneath the small roll. Fill it with the colored lentils and beads.

When it's full, close the wrap as tight as you can.

Step 5: Final Step

Put everything together like a telescop. There's no need to attach the rolls to each other, they should move freely around each other. Take a look and let the magic begin.