Introduction: Kangaroo Phone Holder

I decided to make a phone holder because when I try to watch things on my phone I have to hold it with my hand, so after some time my hand starts hurting. The reason I decided to make it a kangaroo was because they have a pouch so it the perfect thing to put in chargers, airpods, wires, etc. Here is my intractable on how to make it ( don't worry I made sure to make the instructions and tools are simple). Hope you enjoy!


For this project I used:

    -A hot glue gun





    -Big wooden craft skewers

    -Exacto knife of anything sharp

    Step 1: Sketching and Cutting

    First you want to start off by drawing two kangaroos inverted to each other. The height is 13.2 cm and the legend is 24 cm. Make sure it's tail is at an angle in whichever direction you want to see you're phone. Once your done cut it out carefully. Then you draw the eyes, mouth, and arms.

    Step 2: Stabilizing

    Now cut some big skewers with an exacto knife or anything sharp and then glue it to the kangaroos tail and legs. The long stick for the tail is 7.3 cm and the short one is 2.1 cm. For the legs the longer stick is 4 cm and the shorter one is 3 cm. Repeat that step 2 times. Make sure to proportion it in a way that it can be seen.

    Step 3: Making It Be Able to Stand

    Grab a 17 cm long rectangle piece of cardboard and roll it up. Then tape it in a circle in a way to be able to glue a 2.2 cm by 3.6 cm oval on top. Repeat that step two times and glue the leg into it for more stability. Glue two batteries on one end of the oval so it balances.

    Step 4: Belly

    First cut a 13.3 cm by 8 cm rectangle out and roll it. Then cut two semi circles (3.8cm by 7 cm) and glue it on the rolled up rectangle. Then glue it to the inside of the kangaroos belly. In it you can put chargers, wirers, airpods, etc. Put the phone on its tail(s). Add battery's in the belly to balance the phone. You can add accessories and paint it but I wanted my to be plain. I hope you enjoyed.

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