Introduction: Kayak Leashes

Always useful to prevent loosing things overboard by accident or if flipped in the surf, simple leashes can be used to attach paddles, fishing rods and tools, gaffs, etc to you or the boat. Having tried making the ones made by winding weed whacker line and heating in boiling water I prefer these made by recycling those old cell phone chargers.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Materials: Old phone chargers with coiled cables, 1/8" crimps, heat shrink tube (optional), method to attach finished leash to item - velcro for paddle, carabiner or clips of split rings for other items.

Tools: Side cutters, crimping tool, Optional : Scissors, lighter or hot air blower.

Step 2: Cut and Crimp.

Cut the charger and plug off the ends of the cable. Cutting the straight ends the same length makes for more symmetrical looking leash.

Slide a crimp on to the cable, loop the end back into the crimp so the end is just visible out the end of the crimp. Crimp down firmly with the crimping pliers in 2 places.

Optional step to improve appearance. Cut a length of heat shrink tube just longer than the crimp and slide on to the end of the loop and over the crimp. Heat all over with a flame or hot air to shrink the sleeve.

Step 3: Connections

Any carabiner, shackle, velcro loop, split ring could work depending on the strength needed and shape of what you are attaching. I found some Nite ize key rings which are nice and compact for lip grippers, rod/reels and pliers in the kayak. Stainless with lockers about $8 and plastic about $4 (six on each). Make some and don't loose anything overboard again.