Introduction: Kerosine Blowtorch Lamp

Nowadays a vintage blowtorch became a collector's item. I decided to combine the beauty of this thing with functionality and usability and I got this wonderful lamp. It is very easy to make and it isn't expensive. I made some of these lamps and gave them to my friends.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

This is a list of componets you needed. All components easy to find.

  • Old kerosene/gasoline blowtorch. It is easy to find at internet stores.
  • Decorative E14 lamp.
  • Decorative electric cord with dimmer.
  • Jute rope.

  • Black E14 lamp holder (in some cases).

  • Black insulation tape (in some cases).

Step 2: Polishing

First of all you may polish the blowtorch to make it look like new from the factory. I used the grinder tool and felt disk with paste GOI, but you can also use gauze with paste GOI.

Step 3: Add Some Beauty

At this step I tied a rope around the handle. This is a long work, so get the patience, and do it neatly. By the end of this step You will get a beautiful and pleasant to the touch handle. For my handle, I took 3 meters of rope and cut unnecessary part of the rope what's left after tapping to the end.

Step 4: Electricity

This is the toughest part of the work. Firstly I cut the lamp holder to keep it from sticking out of the body.

Then I ran the cord as in the pictures. Then I attached the wires to the holder and stuffed everything into the blowtorch and screwed a light bulb.

There is also another way to attach a light bulb to the blowtorch. You can solder the wires directly to the bulb.

Step 5: Final

One of my lamps had a lost part and I made it myself. In my opinion it looks great.

Step 6: Enjoy the Atmosphere

I hope this lamp will decorate the interior of your home and leave a lot of pleasant memories.

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