Key Holder From Scrap/fire Wood

Introduction: Key Holder From Scrap/fire Wood

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This project is a key holder made from scraps someone was giving away as firewood after an extansion to their house. It was most likely used for decking. i saw this opportunity and went through the pile of wood and took the nicest pieces. this is what i made.


Step 1: Choose a Piece of Wood

I went through the box of wood looking for a piece longer

than 20cm (7.8 inches) with no large areas of damage.

I found one that was 25cm long and only had some small chipping on either end but this did not matter, as I needed to cut it to length.

Step 2: Sand

This step is optional

Sand the piece of wood flat to remove any cupping in the board. This could also be done by hand or in a drum sander or thickness planer.

Step 3: Cut to Size

Cut the wood to your desired length using a saw.

I used a handsaw and a mitre box but you could easily just use a mitre saw or table saw. I cut mine to 20 cm, which will make the next step much easier if the number is devisable by 4.

Step 4: Position and Attach Cup Hooks

It is now time to insert the cup hooks.

I was adding in three hooks so I split the wood into quarters and at every line, I added a hook. This meant that there was a hook at every 5cm.

Step 5: Time to Ad Some Text

I created a stencil on paper by printing out the word keys

and using an exacto knife to cut out the letters. I glued the paper down onto the wood being sure to have it centred and painted over it.

Step 6: Remove Stencil and Finnish the Wood.

I removed the stencil by

peeling from the corner raising the paper. I then gave it 2 coats of oil and added some hanging hardware on the back.

Step 7: Complete

you now have a key holder you can show off to your friends or give as a gift

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