Introduction: Kichen Workplace for Kids

A designated workplace that encourages children's independency while working in the kitchen.

Based on Montessoric approach

Step 1: Materials & Tools You Will Need

1. Double sided tape

2. Scissors

3. Ruler

4. Craft knife

5. Pencil

6. 4 Printed papers (Attachment)

7. 0.3 mm Polypropylene ½ sheet

8. Waxcloth map 500 mm (PVC fabric + flannel back)

Step 2: Cut the PVC Waxcloth

Cut to size 50-60 cm and put aside.

Step 3: Connect the Papers to the PP Sheet

Download the files, and print the 4 pages.

Flip the papers & stick the double sided tape were shown in the picture ubove. Now connect the papers to the polypropylene sheet. (follow the arrows to connect between the papers).

Step 4: Cut the Pattern

Cut the pattern on the straight out-lines. (Use a craft knife)

When finished, there should be 2 different and separated parts.

Step 5: Score & Crease- Up Side Sheet

lightly score the dashed lines (with the opposite side of the craft knife blade), and bend.

Be careful to score with no pressure on the knife. That will make a half cut in the polypropylene sheet, and will make a neatly bending.

Step 6: Score & Crease - Back Side Sheet

These dashed lines are a bit different than the one in the step above. (dots and arrows on the ends).

That means you need to mark the dashed lines on the back side of the sheet (where there is no paper), score a half cut and bend.

Step 7: Stick Double Sided Tape on the PP

When finished bending all the dashed lines of the 2 parts, remove the papers from the PP sheet and stick the double sided tape on the same side where the papers were.

Fill with tape all the places that are shown in the picture.

Step 8: Connect Between the PP and the Waxcloth

Flip over the pvc waxcloth so that the back side will be in front of you, and place it on its width direction.

Place part 1 on the bottom edge, and part 2 on the top edge of the waxcloth. Remove the paper tape and stick the PP on the waxclothe’s edges.

Step 9: Cut the Waxcloth

After the parts are connected, create with a craft knife the cuts for the lines and the slots.

On this step you are supposed to cut the waxcloth only, while following the cuts we did before on the PP sheet. When finished, flip the whole sheet and cut the leftover waxcloth from the 2 strips, as shown in the picture above.

Step 10: Assembly

Step 11: Done!

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