Introduction: Kids Cemetery Halloween Cake

This is a great easy way to get the kids decorating their own spooky cake. Let the kids be in charge and save your OCD for another project! We had our boys decorate it, ages 7, 5, and 2.

You will need:

a box cake mix (and ingredients to follow box directions)

a can of frosting

a box of Milano cookies

one or two tubes of gel frosting

other candies and decorations: we used stick pretzles and Wilton candy zombie hands

Step 1: Bake!

First you'll need to bake a cake to decorate. We used a box cake mix. Follow the box directions for the cake mix or if your ambitious feel free to use a homemade cake, different sized pans etc. We baked it in a 9x13 sized pan. Make sure to let you kids do the mixing, this is an easy job for them to do.

Step 2: Frost (licking Optional).

After baking your cake and letting it cool, it's time to frost. Don't worry about a perfectly frosted cake, let the kids do this part. As you can see they had fun. We used chocolate frosting right out of the can. Feel free to use a homemade recipe of course. Homemade would taste better but we're going for easy here.

Step 3: Make Tombstones.

Since this spooky cake was cemetery themed we needed tombstones. We used Milano cookies as our tombstones. You can find these in the cookie isle. To decorate the headstones we used tube gel frosting. Make spooky faces, write "Boo" or RIP. My boys went bananas with the gel frosting in true kid fashion.

Step 4: Get Creative.

This is a great opportunity to let your kids be creative! Add candy corn, candy pumpkins, just about anything! We used Wilton Cupcake Icing Zombie hands. Wilton has a variety of icing decorations for halloween; bloody knives, severed fingers, etc. You can usually find them at Walmart. After Halloween is a great time to stock up on these icing decorations for cheap and because they're pure sugar they will last till next Halloween. We also had stick pretzels on hand and the kids wanted to use those for a sort of fence around the cemetery.

Enjoy! Happy Halloween from the kids!

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