Kid's First Visit to the Dentist

Introduction: Kid's First Visit to the Dentist

Step 1: Explain Dentist Several Days Prior to Appointment

This is the little princess's first ever visit to the dentist. Being supportive and encouraging to your child as they grow up and have new experiences is paramount to their development and confidence. When they understand what's going on and know you are there, they will become more independent.

1. Talk to your child about cleaning and flossing her /his teeth. Answer any questions or concerns

2. Tell her she will have an appointment to visit the dentist and explain the benefits.

3. Explain what will happen at the dentist and encourage her to look forward to the visit.

Step 2: Preparation on Appointment Day

4. On the day of the appointment, remain positive and upbeat to alleviate fears. Reassure her that this will be a good experience.

5. Help her brush her teeth and assist her/him in choosing a special outfit.

Step 3: Arrival at Appointment

6. Remain upbeat as you travel and arrive at the appointment.

7. Take photos to commemorate this special occasion.

Step 4: Remain Alert & Supportive During Child's Cleaning

8. Remain alert and involved during dentist's review of your child's teeth.

9. Opt out of fluoride treatment.

10. Congratulate your child for doing so well at their appointment. Cleaning is important for oral health of course, but as studies have proven fluoride is not healthy or useful. Check out the info out there on this to make your own conclusions, but I definitely chose to protect my child from this detrimental substance by refusing the fluoride rinse. Enjoy!

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    7 years ago

    Nice and your little girl is adorable!!