Kinetic Sculpture V1



Introduction: Kinetic Sculpture V1

Hi All,

I got inspired by David C Roy's kinetic sculptures and wanted to make it for myself

Though he does not share any details/plans/blueprints of the sculptures, here are many who have tried to decipher the art....

After studying youtube and a few other people's work, I decided to make mine with skills and materials that were easily available

My Design

  • Lightweight
  • DC Motor
  • 3d Printed gears

This is my version one, please share your comments and advice to improve this further

Step 1: What Do We Need?

  • 3d Printer
  • STL files - click here
  • Foam Board or Sun Board - 5mm
  • Superglue
  • 70rpm DC motor
  • 5V mobile charger
  • Gluestick
  • box cutter
  • 4mm wooden dowel or iron rods

Step 2: Spiral Design

  • To create the spiral design, I used freecad
  • I recommend watching few tutorials on youtube if you are a beginner like me
  • Initially created a sketch as above and then with padding, and added 11 more to create a spiral
  • The initial dimensions were 80mm for handheld fidget spinner
  • I scaled the same design to 30mm by scaling a clone

Step 3: Spiral Wheel

  • Export the spiral wheel to SVG and print it
  • Stick it on the foam sheet and then cut it out using box cutter
  • Paint the spiral wheel with acrylic paint
  • We will need to make holes at the center later

Step 4: Gearbox Design

  • Requirements
    • The 2 spiral wheels need to be rotated in opposite directions
    • The gears have to be on the backside similar to a clock
    • RPM for the wheels should be between 5 to 15, so that the patterns made are visible
  • Based on the dc geared motor I found at 5V gave me 70RPM
  • I used freecad to design the gears
    • 70Teeth M1mm
    • 20Teeth M1mm
    • 10Teeth M1mm
  • I got 10rpm as output

Step 5: Gearbox

  • 3d print the stl files
  • I am using 4mm wooden dowels as axels
  • Fix the 20T first then the back 70T and then the front 70T
  • 10T gear will be fitted on the motor

Step 6: Backplate

  • I used Freecad to design this
    • secure and hold the dc motor
    • holes for wall mounting

Step 7: Backplate Assembly

  • 3d print the stl file
  • Connect motor with two-wire and the dc plug as shown
  • In my first design, the motor's alignment was off by 1mm, so had to drill hole to adjust the alignment
  • Fit the motor as shown
  • Superglue the gearbox on the back plate
  • Fit the gear 10T
  • Test and adjust alignment

Step 8: Final Assembly

  • Fit the wheels on the gearbox using super glue
  • Wall mount it
  • Switch on and adore

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