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Introduction: Kisanio (Smart Farming)

Traditional agriculture fails to use resources efficiently.

Up to 25% of the water and energy used goes to waste due to inappropriate distribution towards where it is actually needed and at inadequate intervals of time.

We're here to rectify that.

Imagine a situation where water goes exactly where and when it is needed. No more no less. Where crops get the right environment to grow into maturity seamlessly. Cost effective. And automated.

Imagine Kisanio.

Step 1: Step 1: Nodes Capabilities

The solution comprises of one central and N secondary nodes evenly distributed in the field. All nodes capabilities are based on an Intel Edison module. MQTT is used to publish events.

Central node:

Power: DC

Sensors/actuators: Pump, Valve, Humidity sensor (for the water tank)

Role and capabilities: opens the valve and initiated the water pumping based on events triggered by nodes in the field. Stops the process when the water in the tank reaches a low limit (i.e. event triggered by the humidity sensor)

Secondary nodes:

Power: Battery and Solar pawer harvesting

Sensors/actuators: Moisture, Temperature, UV, Valve

Actuators: Valve

Role and capabilities: sends moisture data to the cloud which trigger the watering process (and opens the local valve) when a threshold is reached. Pushes temperature and UV data to the cloud for aggregation and visualisation purposes.

Step 2: Step 2: Data Aggregation and Visualisation

Data from all sensors is aggregated in the Intel IoT Analytics Cloud. Near realtime information on soil moisture, temperature, UV levels and and watering status in all covered areas are available to the farmer.

[screenshot TBA]

Step 3: Step 3: Automated and On-demand Watering

Each node controls a valve that can be turned on/off automatically based on events triggered by the humidity sensor. Data is also pushed in the cloud in realtime via the Sigfox/GSM/Wifi comms protocols.

The farmer can override the automated process and initiate on demand watering for a particular area if he wishes so.

Step 4:

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