Kitchen Chandelier. Coffee Cups and Silverware.




Introduction: Kitchen Chandelier. Coffee Cups and Silverware.

Four cups glued to wooden frame and spoon torches hanging inside of it. I thought kitchen is the place you eat and drink, so why use any other materials for a lightning project. How about a cup of hot,  glowing latte?:)

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Step 1: All You Need for This:

Materials:                              Tools:
- a set of cups                        - skill saw
- spoons or forks                   - drill
- lumber wood                       - clippers
- 6 lightbulbs                          - welding tool
- 2 bulb sockets                     - screwdriver
- superglue                             - safety glasses
- wire for electricity                
- wire for hanging
- 10 screwing hooks
- 4 metal plates
- screws
- wood oil
- metal plate

Step 2: Drilling and Glueing

1. cut the wood to form a desired shape frame, i used golden ratio (1.618) to form it:)
2. treat it with wood oil, i always use line seed oil
3. with the help of metal plates and screws join the frame
4. drill the cups and plates for the bulb. i used LED e27 Osram bulbs, use a good diamond drilling bit, with little pressure, use water for cooling the ceramics, be patient. I have managed to drill the holes, so that the bulb screws into them. don't forget to wear safety glasses.
5. glue cups to the plates

Step 3: More Drilling and Glueing and Wiring

6. drill holes in the frame for the cups with bulbs
7. screw hooks on the frame
8. weld wires to the bulbs
9. glue cups with plates and bulbs on the frame
10. form the spoons in desired shape and glue them to the socket, i also used some copper wire to tighten them up and hide the socket
11. do the wiring

Step 4: Even More Drilling and Wiring for the Last Time:)

12. screw four hooks in to the metal plate
13. drill two holes for attaching it to the ceiling, one for wires
14. attach it to the ceiling:) 
15. you can now hang the frame  using the hooks and wire
16. hang the spoon torches inside
17. wire the whole circuit, yes i know, i need to change the wire that goes from the ceiling, and to the spoon torches, so thet it's not as visible, i only had this one at that time.
18. thats all, will try to answer all the questions, if there will be any, sorry for my english, it's not my mother language:)

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    So cute! I have a stash of thrift-store mugs that could easily be applied to a similar project. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Denis K
    Denis K

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you:) dont know what is thrift-store, but very interested to see photos, if you will build something like this. Good luck!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice idea. I'm going to try something like this using flat COB LEDs (like this one)

    Denis K
    Denis K

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    danke! yes, i also wanted to use something similar, you then need only one tiny hole for wires, i use these bulbs, because i got them very cheap, with 80% discount:) and they are quite bright 6x0.8w, so less then 5 watts for the whole install. And share your build, very intresting to see the interpretation:)


    8 years ago

    Very good idea