Introduction: Kitchen Knife to Bushcraft/ Primitive Knife!

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So first I went to a thrift store and got a longer thicker kitchen knife for 75 cents. This is going to use common and easy tools everyone should have. Yes it may be cheesy.

Step 1: Sand

First i took the handle off. I used some rough sand paper to get the rust off.

Step 2: Length

The handle was too long so I took some off and rounded it off with a grinder.

Step 3: Blade

Ii shortened it up using a dremel. Then went to grinder and sharpened it.

Step 4: Grind

Grinder it up and put a 90 degree edge on back for fire steel. The blade is high carbon steel.

Step 5: Handle

Took a stick and put it on. Later I whittled it Dow to fit good. ( cheesy but works.)

Step 6: Case

I made a PVC one but failed so then I made my own out of leather

Step 7: Overall

Here ya go

Step 8: Questions and Comments

Please question and comment. I love to hear and modify. What's one you did.

Step 9: Thanks

Thanks for all the support.
Peace be with you.