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Instructables ! is such a beautiful sight, I just can't skip a single day
without visiting this sight
It broadened my vision to a great height !
and We all family members have became it's Fan !

When My daughter was 5 years old, she used play with small Wooden and Metallic Kitchen utensils to make mini lunch for her Dolls !
Now She is married .
But I preserved all her Utensils as a memory of her Childhood  in a different manner !

1) I painted all these Utensils with bright oil paint and fixed on the Kitchen wall near our Dinning Table
    with the help of Velcro Tape ( Seen in snap-1)

2) Wooden Flat Top for rolling bread (Sanp-2)
    I designed and painted it's Top with Red, Black and White oil paints
    Fixed 3 Velcro Hooks tape (1 sq inch) on back side of Flat Top with Epoxy at triangularly equidistant locations
    The counter part Velcro Loops tape of same size is fixed on the wall with Epoxy at a distance to match Flat Top
    Then The wooden Flat Top is pressed against wall matching 3 Velcros positions
    Now this makes Flat top hanging on the wall (As seen in snap-7)

3)  a) Wooden Roller( for rolling bread) and Metallic Spatula for frying are painted with Black, Red, White (Snap-3)
      b) Metallic spoon ( For serving Rice) painted with Red,Black and White paints (Snap-4)
      c) Metallic  Flat Spatula and Stirrer are painted with Black and White paints(Snap-5 & 6)

To all these a) b) c) items are fixed at some perspective distance on the Wall just behind our Dinning Table

 Velcro Tapes are fixed at the back of all Utensils and on the wall  with Epoxy at 3 locations , so that they remain hanging on the   

Due to Velcro tape all the items can be removed for cleaning
On every Dinner Party Guests asks about this Innovative collection of kid's small utensils ! (Snap-8)
and We too remember her Childhood !!!

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