Kitchen and Pooja Materials for Cleaning Precious

Introduction: Kitchen and Pooja Materials for Cleaning Precious

From my child hood i see for cleaning Silver or Brass items my mom never use any chemical products. The materials she used available in our kitchen and pooja room. Like wise when ever i saw our mirror is very dirty, she used to clean it with the pooja room item.

Here i want to share how it is done.

Step 1: Materials for Cleaning Silver and Glass

Materials needed

1) Vibhuti or Thiruneeru or Holy ash To see about Vibhuti.

2) Water

Vibhuti is a holy one so we mostly used for cleaning pooja items.

Step 2: Cleaning Silver Bowl

1) Take some Vibhuti in ur hand.

2) Add Some water to make it like paste.

3) Apply it to the Bowl and scrap it with ur hand hardly.

4) Scrap the corners. Do it for almost five minutes through out the bowl.

5) Allow it for dry.

6) Scrap and clean it up to all the Vibhuti gone.

7) Clean it with dry cloth. Its look like magic in advertisement. My blackish silver bowl got its original color.

Step 3: Cleaning Mirror

1) Oily stains in glass and mirrors are removed quickly and easily using Vibhuti.

2) Make the paste of the Vibhuti as already said.

3) Apply the paste to the glass or mirror gently.

4) Allow it to dry for 5 minutes.

5) Clean the Vibhuti over the glass or mirror with dry clean cloth.

6) The mirror look like new. The last is photo taken through my mirror.

Step 4: Materials for Cleaning Brass

I Want to step into the kitchen for cleaning Brass.

1) Tamarind fruit (Puli. Most wanted one in Indian Kitchen).

2) Coconut husk

3) Lemon

Step 5: Cleaning Brass

1) Extract some Lemon juice into Coconut husk.

2) Put some Tamarind fruit over the Coconut husk( forgot to take photo).

3) Fully Wet the Brass material want to clean and spray some water over Coconut husk with lemon juice and Tamarind fruit.

4) Scrap all over the Brass materials with that Coconut husk and spray some water in between. (Be careful if u have very soft skin hands this cause itching).

5) After fully scrap, Clean it with running water or in the bucket water. See the difference it glow like gold.

Step 6: See the Difference

See the difference between Cleaned and uncleaned.

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