Introduction: Knex 12 Round Gun Instructions

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Hey guys! welcome to my second ible!! it can shot anything that goes down the barrel. Let's get building!!!!

Step 1: Building and Internals

Just follow the pics.
Pic 1: make this.
Pic 2: add the white rods.
Pic 3: make this, there are the important pieces
Pic 4: Put it on.

Step 2: Building Part 2

Pic 1: make this
Pic 2: put it on.
Come On !!!!!!!!!!!Almost Done

Step 3: Handle

This is Knex Gun Builders Pistol handle just modded a bit so credit to him.
I didn’t take it apart but it should be easy.
Sorry for the blurry pic.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Pic 1: Make the mag pusher.
Pic 2: Make the ram

Step 5: Extras.

Pic one: optional layer.
Pic 2: put it on.

Step 6: Loading and Firing

Get your 12 blue rods and shove them down the mag. then put a band (2 combined 32#s) on the ram and one 32# on the mag pusher. Then you pull the pin back behind the trigger and pull it, then BOOM!!!!

Step 7: Finished!!

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