Introduction: Knex Arsenal As of 2/9/2019

About: I build knex guns

Hi guys creepersoldier55 here. Today I have gathered all of my knex guns/weapons into 1 instructable. Well what are we waiting for? Let’s get with it!!

Step 1: Both of My Grenades

These grenades are from cs:go and don’t work.
They are just like my other knex creations,they don’t shoot/work
Pick 1-my flashbang
Pick 2-my explosive grenade

Step 2: My Glock 18

This is my glock 18 that doesn’t shoot.
Pick 1-the pistol
Pick 2-the slide back and the mag removed

Step 3: Knex Machete

This is not my design;the person who made this is dirt661. On YouTube look up knex flick knife and you should find his design is his design but with a simple mod that fixes the blade open.
Pick 1-the knife
Pick 2-me holding it, quite massive isn’t it?

Step 4: Knex Battle Knife

This is also not my design;the person who made it is Football Viking boy at
Pick 1-the knife

Step 5: Knex Karamabit (I Think That’s How You Spell It)

This was made by Voltgamer at
Pick 1-the knife

Step 6: Knex UMP-45

This is my design and it doesn’t shoot.
Pick 1-the SMG itself
Pick-2 me holding it
Pick 3-it with the mag out
Pick 4-me with the fake charging Handle

Step 7: Knex Remington 870

This is my knex Remington 870
Pick 1-the shotgun itself
Pick 2 me holding it with the pump thingy

Step 8: Knex AWP

This is my design and The bolt works. So that’s cool
Pick 1-the sniper itself
Pick 2-the rifle with the scope,fake bipod,and mag detached

Step 9: Knex Spas-12

This is my design and it doesn’t shoot.
Pick 1- the shotgun with the stock extended
Pick 2-me holding it

Step 10: Knex Ballistic Knife

This is my design and out of all of my weapons,this is the only one that shoots
Pick 1-the knife
Vid 1-how to load
Vid 2-how to shoot

Step 11: Knex M72 LAW

My most recent doesn’t come with any ammo but I’ll have to improvise
Pick 1- the launcher itself
Pick 2-me holding it

Step 12: Knex RPG-7

This is one of my most simple designs ever. It is literally a tube with sights, handles and a little thingy on the front to replacate the ammo
Pick 1-the rocket launcher itself. It’s so big, that I had to stand on my bed and it STILL wouldn’t get in frame
Pick 2-me holding it, obviously

Step 13: Knex M60

Fun fact: the m60 was used in Vietnam by the Americans (correct me if I’m wrong). Anyways this is my design and it looks decent
Pick 1-the m60 with the bipod extended

Step 14: Knex Bow and Arrow

This is the last weapon that I currently have, the bow and arrow. Fun fact: The string part is actually a cut rubberband (on mine, not in real life)
Pick 1- the bow
Pick 2-you looking down the sights

Step 15: Conclusion

So I hope I haven’t waisted your time.if you did read all of it you get.......CAKE!!!!!!