Introduction: Knex Automatic Egg Painter

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Hello Everybody,

I wanted to make a automatic egg painter. So I thought the most logical material to use would be knex. So I invented this. I am also going to show you the process in which I tried to design it. It paints them with paint or you could also use markers. Here is the video of it working. One more thing you are going to have to follow the pictures as it is hard to use words when building with Knex. But I will do my best to explain what you are doing. I hope you enjoy & it is easy for you to build.

Step 1: Design Your Project

When trying to invent something you need to write down you idea on paper before you attempt to make it. So I started with a idea then a drawing. Then I built a test model. I then tested the different parts seperatly. Made changes then tested them all together the results were great. Those are some basic steps to inventing something with Knex (and probably anything else)

Step 2: Egg Spinner (AKA Egg Base) Part 1

Look at picture 1 for what you need for the egg spinner. Now follow the rest of the pictures in order for what to do next. Once built set aside for now.

Step 3: Egg Spinner (AKA Egg Base) Part 2

For the next part of the spinner build what you see in picture 1. Then add on what you see in the rest of the pictures. Now look at the last picture and connect part 1 & 2 together as shone. And now the egg base is complete.

Step 4: Spinning Brushes Stand

For this part you are going to be using both the smaller and the larger Knex pieces. The first picture is built with the larger ones. The others are using mostly smaller. once you built this part build another. These hold the spinning brushes.

Step 5: The Spinning Brushes

For what you need for 1 spinner (that holds 4 brushes) look at picture 1. Then follow the rest of the pictures. Now that you are done with this part make another (a total of 2) Put the finished spinning brushes on the stands.

Step 6: Attaching the Brushes

Use rubber bands to secure the paintbrushes (or markers) in between the 2 blue Knex pieces on each side.

Step 7: (Optional) Paint Holder

This step is optional you can just put paint on the brushes (or use markers) But you can also hook up some sort of dish and put paint in it (I used a plastic egg shell) I hooked mine up with a rubber band on one of the corners.

Step 8: Set It Up

Now its time to set it up. A few suggestions: #1 do it outside (it sometimes splatters paint) #2 set up newspaper under it (same reason as #1)

Step 9: All Done

Now you are done. Above are 2 of the eggs I painted using it (I accidentally dropped one and it cracked) I hope you enjoyed this instructable & don't forget to vote :)

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